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Colors mobile is an in-house brand of Teletalk in association with Teletech Pvt. Ltd. It was launched in 2009 in Nepal with a whole new range of stylish, technology updated and convenient mobile phones at affordable prices. The brand has constantly grown and attracts uses for its features, affordability, quality and easy availability. Colors Mobile has introduced unbelievable wide variety of handsets labeled as Smart phone, Multimedia, Lifestyle & Touch and CDMA. Understanding consumer requirements and variation of targeted audience, Colors mobile has been strengthening the product quality and offering wide range of mobile phones at a great value-for-money proposition. It has gradually coming up with latest advancements and innovative features that suits the enhanced Nepalese market. It has enabled itself as one of the fastest growing brand.
Colors Mobile is extremely focused to reach out to the maximum number of people. With more than 1000 outlets and 17 service centers across Nepal, Colors Mobile reaches out to people across the length and breadth of the country, enhancing its penetration and reach. The brand has achieved a distribution footprint of over 60% coverage of the districts in a very short span. The main reasons for the success of Colors Mobile are its focus on being affordable, convenient and easily available. The brand already has over 17 service centers established across the country, ensuring great after sales support.
Taking mobile technology to the doorsteps of people has been very well received by the consumers and other stakeholders. Colors Mobile emphasizes on traits on quality that’s truly world class. With its mobile phones heralding a new era of connectivity, Colors Mobile has infused new life in the Nepalese mobile phone industry. Every Phones offer tailor-made, smart and appealing features at unbeatable prices. More than that Colors Mobile promises a better service for its customers and that is why it has more than 17 service centre across Nepal offering better after sales service catering to every customer problems.

  • Meet the X-Factor™ Android based smart touch phone, your new personal smart assistant. Whether you’re entertaining yourself, finding directions or reviewing a work presentation or playing games, X-Factor offers a host of time-saving features that elevate your life every day. Smartphones includes X-Factor, X-Factor Plus and X-Factor Mini.
  • Long lasting battery and better coverage makes these phones the ideal solution for travelers. With brilliant dual SIM compatibility, you will never be left out of network coverage. And moreover, you can use CDMA phones as Modem to connect for internet usage on your Laptop or Desktop PC also experience all multimedia features at a totally affordable price. Currently we have G200 and CG700 in this category.

  • Capture your fighter moments & enjoy videos with multi format Video Player & Recorder. Enjoy the enriching video experience on big Screen. Enjoy music & enrich your experience with 3.5mm Universal Audio Jack and Powerful Speaker with crystal clear sound. Listen to your favorite songs with FM on Loud Speaker. All in all Experience the fighter series F7, F18+ and F15.
  • With beauty both inside and out, our range of touch and lifestyle phones with rich viewing experience. You’ll love the camera that captures your every style with crisp, vivid, beautiful detail. These phones have an impressive list of features. Grab your style with F1, X7 and X5+.
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